Community Gardens Are A Must for Food Sovereignty

As the COVID-19 pandemic health and economic toll rises worldwide, people are awakening to the harsh reality that, at a certain point, any given country could suffer from a food shortage. It is thus necessary to explore healthy agricultural methods. 

Special Report by Cristina Ramirez Doval 

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SVX México, abriendo caminos para las inversiones de impacto

La agencia mexicana, enfocada en programas de asesoría y capacitación, busca generar un cambio sistémico en el que los fondos sean dirigidos a proyectos sustentables y socialmente diversos conscientes de su legado.

Por Natalia Bonilla 

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The Regenerative Proof of Project Wadi Attir

Project Wadi Attir (5)

In northern Negev Desert, a sustainable agriculture project has stood the test of science and time: offering a glimpse of the potential future of Earth-care while bringing prosperity to the Bedouin community in Israel.

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Systemic Action Is Needed to Restore Human-Nature Relationship

kristy-kravchenko-Ng12EyF84Yw-unsplash (1)

The latest report by the WWF seeks to create awareness on how zoonotic diseases like the COVID-19 will continue spreading if we don’t put an end to wildlife and environmental exploitation.

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